TITAN DL is a digital PIR detector suitable for use in residential, commercial and office buildings, as well as for application in buildings with higher security needs like bank offices, storage houses etc. TITAN DL uses a digital process algorithm and possesses pet immunity for animals up to 20 kg. The detector is also equipped with digital bidirectional temperature compensation.

TITAN Series detectors have 5 year warranty.

As an option the detector can come with bracket for wall or ceiling mounting.


  • Digital processing algorithm
  • Suitable for application in high class buildings
  • Digital bi-directional temperature compensation
  • 90° coverage area in 54 zones
  • Operating range from 1.5m to 15m
  • White light immunity
  • PET immunity: small animals 12/20kg – selectable
  • RF immunity
  • Electrostatic immunity
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 7 sensitivity levels (selectable) – from HW2.0
Operating voltage 9 – 18 VDC
Consumption < 14 mA
Detection speed 0.2-3.5 m/s
White light immunity 4000 lux
RF immunity 10 V/m; 80 – 2000 MHz
Electrostatic immunity 8 kV
Mounting height 1.5m – 3.6 m (2.1 m recommended)
Weight 74 g
Dimesnions 62x97x50 mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C














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TITAN DL - Declaration of conformity
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