Mobile TTE

Mobile TTE is software application for management and monitoring of control panels produced by Teletek Electronics: ECLIPSE Series and BRAVO.

To control and operate with your Eclipse and BRAVO system via Mobile TTE software, you must first register your system to AjaxWEB web application server (Cloud service). You will be provided with ID and password for access for remote control via Mobile TTE application.

The communication is realized via GPRS modules connected directly to control panel:

BRAVO TTE GPRS for BRAVO wireless control panels
TTE GPRS for ECLIPSE control panels

Mobile TTE sends notification messages to the user for alarm and trouble events which can be viewed on the notification bar and screen of your mobile Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

The smart phone application is available for downloading free of charge:



What the User can do?

  • NEW – User Code change added
  • NEW – Add New system by QR code scanning after new module registration in AJAX server
  • Remote System Arming
  • Remote System Disarming
  • View the Area and Zone Status
  • Bypassing Zones
  • View the Memory events list
  • PGM control
  • Push Notification messages for events

Product Documents

Software Downloads

Mobile TTE - Software application
Updated at 18.01.2021 Size 60.31MB

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