Eclipse 32

Eclipse 32 is up to 32 zone control panel appropriate for security of homes, medium sized commercial premises and offices. The panel supports 8 independent areas (partitions) with individual programming.

Eclipse 32 has 8 physical inputs for connecting of detectors; the zone balancing is with 1 or 2 balancing resistors or doubling zone connection, for determining the type of balancing of every input. In the hardware system configuration the installer can choose among 9 connection styles in the zones. The full configuration of 32 zone can be realized with doubling zone connection (16 logical zones on the control PCB) and 1 Zone expander for 8 zones (16 logical zones on the) or without zone doubling with 3 zone expanders.

EN50131 Grade 2 Class I Certified.

Main advantages:

  • Up to 32 zones with freely programmable parameters
  • 8 undependable areas
  • Flexible programming via keyboard or ProsTE software.
  • Available firmware update
  • 3 different programming modes
  • Up to 30 devices connected to the system bus
  • Wide range of detectors, periphery devices and communication modules
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Zone inputs: 8 physical inputs on control panel for connecting of detectors.

Max Zones: 8 / 16 zones with freely programmable parameters (with possibility for expanding up to 32).

Zone Wiring: 9 types, single or doubling zone connection.

Areas: 8 independent areas.

Access control: via proximity card readers. 8 Time slots (tables) to manage the user access to the protected sites. Every time slot can be programmed individually according the system requirements. Auto Arming mode for arming the security areas in preprogrammed time.

Outputs: 4 weak current and 1 power current programmable outputs type ОС (open collector) on the control panel. Expanding up to 32 outputs using PGM expander module.  Same options for programming of all outputs. PGM4 can be programmed to operate as fire zone using 2-wire connection of a standard 24V fire base.

Codes: 4/ 6 digit; 64 User codes, 1 Maintenance code, 1 Engineer code.

Memory LOG: 1024 events with time and date – can be viewed by a keyboard or via ProsTE software.

Report to a Monitoring Station:

  • Built-in digital communicator for central station monitoring via telephone line. “Contact ID” and “SIA” standard protocols are supported.
  • TTE GPRS Standard and TTE GPRS Simple communication module.

 Peripheral Devices: Up to 30 devices connected to the system bus.

  • LCD and LED keyboards.
  • Proximity card reader.
  • PGM8 – PGM outputs expander.
  • ZONE8 – Zone expander.
  • Eclipse WL – Wireless expander.

Programming: 3 types of programming menus

  • 4-digit addresses
  • 3-digit operations
  • Text menus – tree structure
Mains transformer 21 VAC /50VA
Accumulator battery 12 V / 7 Ah
Current consumption 100 mA
Power output 3.8 V DC / 1A, resettable fuse
Operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C
Enclosure box ABS plastic, white
Dimensions 335 x 290 x 105 mm










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Marketing Documentation

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Technical Documentation

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Software Downloads

ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.4.6
Updated at 05.06.2023 Size 21.96MB
Eclipse 32 - Firmware 4.2
Updated at 21.04.2023 Size 0.20MB
Guard View ver.2.1
Updated at 25.08.2022 Size 16.98MB
Observer 32_ver.2.4.1
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Observer 64_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 20.01.2022 Size 66.02MB
Mobile TTE - Software application
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