BRAVO TTE GPRS is a communication module designed for operation with BRAVO wireless alarm control panels.

The module is intended for built-in mounting on slot in the panel’s box.

BRAVO TTE GPRS sends notification messages to the user via smart phone mobile application MobileTTE. The module is programmed via ProsTE specialized software or AjaxWEB user interface.

This product is certified according the standard EN 50131, EN 50136-2, GRADE 2.

BRAVO TTE GPRS is used for remote control, programming and monitoring of BRAVO wireless control panes via AjaxWEB user interface.



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  • Remote control via AjaxWEB* user interface or smart phone mobile application or MobileTTE**
  • Remote programming of BRAVO wireless panels via AjaxWEB user interface
  • Push Notification messages via MobileTTE
  • 2 TCP/IP (main and back-up) channels for connection and monitoring
  • LED indication for network status and signal strength
  • Direct programming via ProsTE software and AjaxWEB user interface

* AjaxWEB is a part form the installation of Ajax Server.
** MobileTTE is free of charge smart phone mobile application for iOS and Android devices and smart-phones.

Connection to the panel Interface connection on slot
Communication protocol SIA (SURGARD)
Encrypting AES 128 bit
Frequency range 900/1800 MHz







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Marketing Documentation

BRAVO TTE GPRS - Datasheet
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BRAVO Wireless System Brochure
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BRAVO - Certificate RTTE Directive
Updated at 11.05.2020 Size 0.75MB
BRAVO TTE GPRS - GRADE 2 Certificate
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BRAVO TTE GRPS - Declaration of conformity
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Technical Documentation

BRAVO - Installation Manual
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Bravo comunication modules - Versions and history
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Software Downloads

ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.3.22
Updated at 11.06.2021 Size 19.11MB
Guard View ver.2.1
Updated at 18.01.2021 Size 16.98MB
Observer 32_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 28.09.2021 Size 62.45MB
Observer 64_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 28.09.2021 Size 65.97MB
Mobile TTE - Software application
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