BRAVO INTR is a wireless control panel with built-in internal power supply unit, factory mounted to the box bottom. The panel is suitable for building of intruder wireless alarm systems for protection of residential homes, small business offices or shopping centers.

Up to 16 wireless devices BRAVO series (PIR, MC, FL and FD) can be enrolled to the control panel. Every detector represents one protected zone. BRAVO INTR control panel is easy for installation, maintenance and operation, as providing two arming modes (Full and Stay) for daily security protection of the site. The system is easy to control via remote key fobs and smart-phone mobile application MobileTTE*.

BRAVO INTR is certified according the standard EN50131, GRADE 2.

*requires mounted BRAVO GPRS communication module to the panel’s configuration


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  • Quick and easy mounting at the place of installation
  • Tamper-switch for self-protection of the box
  • Jumper for restoring of the factory settings (RESET)
  • LED indication for zone and system status
  • 16 zones
  • 8 remote key-fobs
  • 1 built-in and 1 outdoor siren
  • Memory log for 300 events
  • 2 internal slots for mounting of communication modules
Main power supply 100-240VAC; 50-60Hz
Current consumption 150mA
Back-up power supply (battery) 1 x 3.7V/ 4100mAh, Li-Po type
Operation frequency
(Adaptive Frequency Agility Algorithm)
Communication type Two-way
Built-in siren 1; 85dB
Operation temperature -10°C ÷ +40°C
Relative humidity 93% @ +30°C
Dimensions 220 x 160 x 38 mm
Weight 1.376kg
Material ABS

Product Documents

Marketing Documentation

BRAVO INTR - Datasheet
Updated at 11.04.2020 Size 0.45MB
BRAVO Wireless System Brochure
Updated at 02.06.2020 Size 1.94MB


BRAVO - Certificate RTTE Directive
Updated at 11.05.2020 Size 0.75MB
BRAVO INTR - GRADE 2 Certificate
Updated at 28.07.2021 Size 0.13MB
BRAVO INTR - Declaration of Conformity
Updated at 11.04.2020 Size 0.37MB

Technical Documentation

BRAVO - Installation Manual
Updated at 10.07.2020 Size 4.74MB
Bravo - Versions and history
Updated at 29.09.2021 Size 0.12MB

Software Downloads

ProsTE - Programming Software ver. 5.3.22
Updated at 11.06.2021 Size 19.11MB
Guard View ver.2.1
Updated at 18.01.2021 Size 16.98MB
Observer 32_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 28.09.2021 Size 62.45MB
BRAVO - Firmware 6.0
Updated at 12.01.2021 Size 0.10MB
Observer 64_ver.2.4.1
Updated at 28.09.2021 Size 65.97MB
Mobile TTE - Software application
Updated at 18.01.2021 Size 60.31MB

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