Wireless expander module designed for building of hybrid systems with Eclipse series wired control panels and PAX series wireless devices.
The protocol supports 6 backup radio channels, so in case of signal jamming the system would switch the radio channel automatically in order to keep the communication going.

PAX WL is connected to the system bus of the Eclipse panel and become part of the system configuration like all other Eclipse modules.

PAX WL module is supplied mounted in a small plastic box suitable for wall mounting.



  • Up to 32 wireless PAX devices*
  • Up to 99 PAX remote key fobs*
  • Up to 4 PAX WL Expander modules connected to an Eclipse control panel
  • 2 anti-sabotage tamper switches
  • 45° connection terminals for easy cable installation
  • LED indication for current status and wireless communication
  • Beacon+ protocol type for wireless communication
Operation frequency ~ 868MHz
Communication type Bi-directional
Protocol type Beacon+
Radio distance (open space) up to 1500m
Power supply from the panel 9-18VDC
– Typical
– Maximal
Operating temperature range from 0°C to +40°C
Enclosure box ABS plastic, white
Dimensions 126x80x32mm

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Hybrid Alarm System Brochure
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PAX WL - Datasheet
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PAX WL - Installation Manual
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