TP2000 V/U

The TP 2000V / U is a VHF / UHF radio transmitter compatible with the LRR 8000 CS.

Direct programming with ProsTE software.



  • Supports 2 communication protocols: Electronics Line and LARS;
  • Allows independent distribution of events on two frequencies – setting a priority channel;
  • It is programmed without jumpers, entirely from high-level programs with intuitive software;
  • Eclipse 8 serial connection (to PGM4)
  • Works completely reliably in the temperature range from – 40 ° C to + 60 ° C;
  • Compact size.
Electronics Line Communication Electronics Line, LARS
Operating frequency VHF band 146-174MHz
Operating frequency UHF band 402-470MHz






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TP2000V/U - Declaration of conformity
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