Observer Software is designed to local monitoring of Teletek Electronics addressable Fire Alarm Systems – Iris, Iris Pro and Simpo and Intruder Alarm Systems – Eclipse and Bravo. The software also allowing remote access, administration and video verification of the connected systems.


  • Improved data management and audit trail
  • Direct ProsTE software files import (Device name, zone name, panel name and panel IP address)
  • Easy configuration and customization – drag and drop icon placement
  • Control and monitoring of single or networked panels
  • All events records can be monitored, filtered, printed, backed-up
  • Multi zones monitoring
  • Fast video verification in case of alarm
  • Restrict user access to view only, technicians and administrators
  • Determined areas can be monitored and it provides to exchange between maps in case of fire and fault events
  • Monitors the condition and state of the panels and detectors – Normal, Alarm, Fault, Trouble
  • Shows full information about the detector in alarm state – zone, name, etc.
  • Monitors faults in the panel – Low Battery, AC Loss, etc.
  • Allows control over the fire panel – silence buzzer, silence sounders, evacuation, reset
  • Possibility to disable or enable devices / zones
  • Possibility to activate module / PGM outputs
  • Allows import of architectural plans and pictures (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF)
  • Signals visually and audibly in case of alarm or fault
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  • Supports up to 64 Intruder and Fire control panels and up to 64 000 devices/zones
  • Video verification integration with 3-th party camera through Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • Printable event log
  • Event audio signalization
  • Graphic interface view
  • Email notification
  • Protection by means of password and USB key (Dongle)
  • ModBus protocol included
  • Multi language support
  • Supports up to 1000 users

PC Installation requirements

  • Processor > 1,5 GHz
  • RAM – 2 GB
  • Disc space – 1 GB
  • Minimum Windows 8 OS version, both x32 and x64 are supported
  • .NET Framework version 4.6 for the camera and sound managing applications

N.B.! larger amounts of monitored equipment require larger amount of RAM memory

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