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DA-P 20-130/T-EN54

The 20W powered speaker is equipped with a 130mm full-range loudspeaker and a 100V line transformer with 4 power adjustments. A robust ABS plastic housing in white and a solid aluminium mounting bracket ensure the permanent installation of this speaker.

For additional reliability, a 2-pin ceramic block and a thermal fuse are provided in a junction box and the speaker chassis is impregnated against wetness.

The speaker is compliant with the British Standard BS 5839, Part 8.

Optionally available is a mast bracket (MB) for approx. 90-200 mm mast diameter.



Description DA-P 20-130/T-EN54

Power 20/10/5/2,5 W

Impedance (100V) 500/1000/2000/4000 ohm

Frequency Range 150 – 20.000 Hz

Frequency Response 120 – 21.000 Hz

SPL IEC268-5 , 1W/1m 87,0 dB

SPL EN54-24, Pmax/4m 89,0 dB

Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/4m 75,0 dB

Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/1m 87,0 dB

Dispersion -6dB, 500Hz 360°

Dispersion -6dB, 1KHz 230°

Dispersion -6dB, 2KHz 110°

Dispersion -6dB, 4KHz 58°

Dimensions 137 x 222mm

IP Rating IP66

Weight (net) 1,44kg

Temperature range -25 / +70 C°

Mounting – Mounting bracket

Connector 2-pin ceramic block

Terminal diameter 3,2 mm

Maximum cable cross section 8mm²

Colour white


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