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DL-SE 06-130/T-EN54

The frameless design of the new ceiling speakers is inspired by current LED lights and already has the makings of a classic. The 6W powered speaker is equipped with a 130mm full-range loudspeaker and a 100V transformer with 3 power adjustments. The powder-coated metal in RAL 9016 guarantees long-term stability. For additional reliability, the speaker is impregnated against wetness.

The speaker is also secured with protection class IP 21C against the security risks of environmental influences. Fast and easy installation by WAGO 221 connector and strong spring clamps with protective caps for vibration damping. The connecting cables can be supplied through rubber grommets in the fire dome.

Special paint of the speaker in 4-digit RAL- or NCS- colour is available at extra cost. The fire dome is included in the delivery.

This speaker is suitable for a ceiling strength of about 1-45 mm. Our specification is primarily related to solid ceilings, for ceilings with soft materials higher ceiling thicknesses could be necessary. In addition, stronger cables and other fittings may also result in changes in the appropriate setup. With regard to the variety of materials and manufacturers, we recommend building a sample of the speaker to match the requirements accurately.




Description DL-SE 06-130/T-EN54

Power 6/3/1,5 W

Impedance (100V) 1667/3333/6667 ohm

Frequency Range 80 – 20.000 Hz

Frequency Response 64 – 21.500 Hz

SPL IEC268-5 , 1W/1m 90,0 dB

SPL EN54-24, Pmax/4m 85,0 dB

Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/4m 78,0 dB

Sensitivity EN54-24, 1W/1m 90,0 dB

Dispersion -6dB, 500Hz h/v 180°

Dispersion -6dB, 1KHz h/v 180°

Dispersion -6dB, 2KHz h/v 150°

Dispersion -6dB, 4KHz h/v 75°

Dimensions 180×99 mm

IP Rating IP21

Weight (net) 0,78 kg

Ceiling Cut-out 161 – 167 mm

Temperature range -10 / +55 °C

Mounting Quick fit mounting

Connector WAGO 221 connector

Terminal diameter 2,3 mm

Maximum cable cross section 4mm²

Colour RAL 9016


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