SPIKA-4 is a compact Voice Evacuation and Public Announcement panel with 4 zones for connecting speakers. The total audio power of 500W can be distributed between the 4 zones. The panel has a main(500W) and a backup(500W) amplifiers, which allows two sound sources to be used at the same time.

SPIKA-4 has serial interface for connection with iRIS4/8 and Simpo fire alarm panels, as well as inputs and outputs for connection with any other fire alarm panel on the market.

Up to 6 SPIKA panels could be connected in a network,



  • Power – 500W
  • Zones/Speaker lines – 4
  • A/B backbone structure of the zones
  • Back-up amplifier – 500W
  • Display – 4.3” touch screen
  • Build-in handheld microphone unit
  • Up to 6 SPIKA panels in network
  • Serial connection to iRIS and Simpo panels
  • Input/Outputs for connection with any fire panel
  • Multilanguage support
  • Back-up Battery – 2x12V 42Ah
  • 2 USB ports for playing MP3 files
  • 2 SD cards for voice message storage
  • 2 RCA analog inputs for connecting external audio sources
  • EN 54-4 , 54-16 certified
Main Power Supply 230 Vac (-15% +10%) ~50/60 Hz
Backup Battery 2 x 12 V 42 Ah batteries
Amplifiers 2 x 500W
Ambient operating


+5°C to +40°C
Relative ambient humidity 25% – 75% with no condensation

(L x H x D) in mm

430 x 710 x 280
Net weight without


29.85 kg
Mounting Surface-mounted or rack-mounted
Display 4.3″ backlit touchscreen 480 x 272 pixels

Product Documents


SPIKA - Declaration of performance
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SPIKA - Certificate of Constancy of Performance
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SPIKA - Declaration of conformity
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Marketing Documentation

SPIKA-4 - Datasheet
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SPIKA – Brochure
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Technical Documentation

SPIKA - Manual
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