SPIKA-DRM is digital microphone station with build-in LCD screen. The station supports up to 50 different logical operations by means of button combinations. All function keys are freely programmable through the SPIKA panel interface. SPIKA-DRM could be used to send prerecorded or live voice messages in the different zones of the system.



  • Digital Programmable microphone station
  • Build-in LCD display
  • Power supply – from the panel, or external 24VDC
  • Dip-switch addressing
  • Keys for quick selection of the pre-recorded messages
  • Selection keys
  • Cancel selection key
  • Line status LED
  • System status LED
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustment
  • Metal housing
  • EN 54-16 certified
Main Power Supply 24VDC
Backup Power Supply From the panel
Interface Build-in LCD display
Connector type RJ25
Response Frequency 40 ÷ 18.000 Hz
Sensitivity -40dB
Impedance 75 Ohm
Material Metal

Product Documents


SPIKA - Declaration of performance
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SPIKA - Certificate of Constancy of Performance
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Marketing Documentation

SPIKA-DRM - Datasheet
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SPIKA – Brochure
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Technical Documentation

SPIKA - Manual
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