SPIKA-RCM is emergency wall cabinet with build-in handheld PTT microphone. Each SPIKA panel support up to 1 SPIKA-RCM, connected to the Emergency BUS of the system. This microphone box has the highest priority amongst the microphone stations and it is usually meant to be used by the fire brigade for sending voice instructions in case of fire in the system.



  • Red Wall Cabinet
  • Build-in PTT(push-to-talk) microphone
  • High priority
  • Wall mounted
  • System status LED
  • Key lock protection of the box
  • EN 54-16 certified
  • Power supply – by the control panel
Main Power Supply From the panel
Backup Power Supply From the panel
Connector type RJ25
Response Frequency 40 ÷ 18.000 Hz
Sensitivity -40dB
Impedance 75 Ohm
Box dimensions 300 x 265 x 165mm
Material Metal

Product Documents


SPIKA - Declaration of performance
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SPIKA - Certificate of Constancy of Performance
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Marketing Documentation

SPIKA-RCM - Datasheet
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SPIKA – Brochure
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Technical Documentation

SPIKA - Manual
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