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Service policy


The guarantee terms are determined by the serial number (barcode) of the electronic device.
During the guarantee period the manufacturer shall, at its sole discretion, replace or repair any defective product when it is returned to the factory. All parts replaced and/or repaired shall be covered for the remainder of the original guarantee, or 6 months, whichever period is longer. The original purchaser shall immediately send manufacturer a written notice of the defective parts or workmanship.

Foreign customers shall possess the same guarantee rights as those any customer in Bulgaria, except that manufacturer shall not be liable for any related customs duties, taxes or VAT, which may be payable.

The guarantee will be granted when the appliance in question is returned. The guarantee period and the period for repair are determined in advance. The manufacturer shall not accept any product, of which no prior notice has been received via the RAN form at:  https://teletek-electronics.com/en/ran-form

The setup and programming included in the technical documentation shall not be regarded as defects. Teletek Electronics bears no responsibility for the loss of programming information in the device being serviced.

This guarantee shall apply to defects in products resulting only from improper materials or workmanship, related to its normal use. It shall not cover:
• Devices with destroyed serial number (barcode);
• Damages resulting from improper transportation and handling;
• Damages caused by natural calamities, such as fire, floods, storms, earthquakes or lightning;
• Damages caused by incorrect voltage, accidental breakage or water; beyond the control of the manufacturer;
• Damages caused by unauthorized system incorporation, changes, modifications or surrounding objects;
• Damages caused by peripheral appliances unless such peripheral appliances have been supplied by the manufacturer;
• Defects caused by inappropriate surrounding of installed products;
• Damages caused by failure to use the product for its normal purpose;
• Damages caused by improper maintenance;
• Damages resulting from any other cause, bad maintenance or product misuse.
In the case of a reasonable number of unsuccessful attempts to repair the product, covered by this guarantee, the manufacturer’s liability shall be limited to the replacement of the product as sole compensation for breach of the guarantee. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any special, accidental or consequential damages, on the grounds of breach of guarantee, breach of agreement, negligence, or any other legal notion.

This Guarantee shall contain the entire guarantee and shall be prevailing over any and all other guarantees, explicit or implicit (including any implicit guarantees on behalf of the dealer, or adaptability to specific purposes), and over any other responsibilities or liabilities on behalf of the manufacturer. The manufacturer does neither agree, nor empower, any person, acting on his own behalf, to modify, service or alter this Guarantee, nor to replace it with another guarantee, or another liability with regard to this product.

The manufacturer shall repair or replace unwarranted products, which have been returned to its factory, at its sole discretion under the conditions below. The manufacturer shall accept no products for which no prior notice has been received via the RAN form at: https://teletek-electronics.com/en/ran-form

The products, which the manufacturer deems repairable, will be repaired and returned. The manufacturer has prepared a price list and those products, which can be repaired, shall be paid for by the Customer. The devices with unwarranted services carry 6 month guarantee for the replaced parts.
The closest equivalent product, available at the time, shall replace the products, the manufacturer deems un-repairable. The current market price shall be charged for every replaced product.