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TTE Presents AJAX SP Pro

Dear Partners and Customers,

We are proud to announce the new AJAX SP Pro software. It is compatible with all types of monitoring software which support standard communication protocol SURGARD.  

Based on OS Windows 2012 server, supports 2 different IP addresses and 2 service providers. 

AJAX SP Pro is available as a CD software, web application or as a station box, suitable for rack installation.

AJAX SP Pro offers user self-registration with free choice of user name and automatic check for availability. After email confirmation of the new registration, the system sends configuration file and QR code for quick and easy registration in MobileTTE.  

The connection between the server and all added GPRS modules is encrypted with TTE communication protocol.

AJAX SP Pro supports up to 10 000 accounts, which can be programmed and monitored via the web interface. All registered inactive (for more than 30 days) GPRS modules are automatically deleted. 

Here is a short video, presenting AJAX SP Pro installation and usage. 

For questions and orders, contact us at export@teletek-electronics.bg

Teletek Electronics Team