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Feueder Trutz 2018 – Germany

21/02/2018 10:00:00-18:00:00 30, Bertolt-Brecht-Straße, Nürnberg, Bayern, 90471, Germany

Thank you for visiting the FeuerTrutz Exhibition 2018 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center.

On 21 and 22 February, FeuerTRUTZ 2018 was Bigger Than Ever, once again made Exhibition Centre Nuremberg the No. 1 hot spot for fire safety professionals. The eighth round of the International Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection broke new records with 286 exhibitors (275 in 2017) and in excess of 8,000 trade visitors (7,108 in 2017). Exhibitors had travelled from 16 countries (14 in 2017), while trade visitors represented more than 40 nations (32 in 2017).

Exhibition website

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