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IRIS/IRIS PRO new functionalities

Don’t forget for IRIS new functionalities:

  • Siren Groups added (up to 96). Up to 3 siren groups may be attached to one zone.
  • DEVICE GROUP added. One Remote Indication may be activated by many detectors from the same group.
  • SOUNDER MODE – New output activation event added. Devices set to Sounder mode will follow exactly the same logic for the addressable sounders in the same zone, even the timing.
  • Zero Address detection with check menu added.
  • Disablements for zones, devices and outputs are available now at access level 2.
  • Fast output programming for Evacuate, Alarm, Reset, Sounder ON events.
  • Support for serial connection of Evac panels (Paso brand)
  • Support of ESPA444 protocol
  • “Class Change” is now with selectable tone
  • “Silence Sounder” by zones
  • Similar to Evac cycle the panel now have Alarm cycle (for voice evacuation purpose)
  • Panel and Loop card versions may now be extracted by ProsTE.
  • Multilanguage support

For detailed information you could read in the installation manual or ask us!

Teletek Electronics Team