Eclipse WL

Eclipse WL is a wireless expander module designed for building of hybrid systems with wired control panels Eclipse series and wireless devices BRAVO series.   
Eclipse WL is mounted in a small plastic box and it is necessary to be connected to the system BUS of the control panel, as the maximum distance between the module and the panel must be up to 250 m.  
The expander supports operation with alarm control panels Eclipse 16 and Eclipse 32, and wireless peripheral devices BRAVO series including:  
  • BRAVO PIR – Wireless motion detector
  • BRAVO PIR EXT – Wireless outdoor motion detector
  • BRAVO MC – Wireless magnetic contact
  • BRAVO FL – Wireless flood detector
  • BRAVO FD – Wireless fire detector
  • BRAVO CURTAIN – Wireless curtain detector (PIR+MW)
  • BRAVO SR300 – Wireless outdoor siren
  • BRAVO RC – Two-way remote key fob
  • BRAVO RC-41/RC-21/RC-11* – One-way remote key fob
* The one-way remote key fobs can operate with several systems independently from one another, i.e. they can be enrolled and to work with different expander modules Eclipse WL at the same time.
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  • 868 MHz Band
  • Two way communication
  • Frequency agility
  • Up to 16/32 wireless detectors (depends on the control panel)
  • Up to 32/64 remote controls (depends on the control panel)
  • Mounting in SB-U small plastic box
  Operation frequency   ~ 868MHz
  Radio distance (open space)     up to 400 m
  Power supply from the panel   9-18VDC
  Consumption   max. 150mA
  Operating temperature   from 0ºС to +40ºС
  Storage temperature   from -10ºС to +50ºС









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