BRAVO SR300 Li is a wireless piezo siren for outdoor mounting designed for operation in BRAVO wireless intruder alarm systems or with ECLIPSE WL wireless expander module in ECLIPSE hybrid systems. The siren can be located in a distance up to 400m away from the control panel.

BRAVO SR300 Li is equipped with sound and LED indication for announcing of alarm events, inner metal casing and bidirectional tamper for higher protection. An external adapter 12VDC/1A may be used to power the siren and prolong the battery life.

The siren has a flat plastic cover, which is especially suitable for company sticker or logo.

BRAVO SR300 Li operates with Lithium battery pack, included in the equipment.



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  • Suitable for outdoor mounting
  • Operation at low temperatures up to -25°C
  • Two-way tamper switch for self-protection of the box
  • Separate alarm notifications for intrusion and fire
  • Squawk functionality
  • Button for restoring the factory settings (RESET)
  • Internal metal cover for better protection
  • Plastic cover for protection of the electronic components
  • External power supply with adapter
  • Chaising LEDs indication optional switching
Battery 2x3V, Lithium
Battery life 3 years*
Battery low voltage signal signal sent at value < 5.5VDC
Operation frequency 868MHz
Radio distance (open space) Up to 400 m
Loudspeaker type piezo
Operating temperature -25°C ÷ +60°C
Sound volume 110dB/1m
Dimensions 310 x 230 x 60 mm














* Based on normal use of the siren (e.g. 2 alarms per month with strobe and 1 min alarm cycle, and 8 squawks per day at an average of 25°C).
If the use is more frequent or the alarm cycle is set for more than 1 minute the battery life may be reduced.
Using optional power supply with adapter 12V/1A will extend the battery life.

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