LRR 8000 CS

The LRR8000 is a Stand-Alone station for receiving information from TP2000V / U transmitters.

The central station is a self-powered desktop box and space for a radio station. External battery backup is required. The front panel contains the control buttons and we also program the device display. The back panel has a computer interface and an external operator response button.

All information received from the central station, regardless of its source (TP2000 or LRR8000 Repeater), is transmitted to a computer for archiving and for easier viewing.

The connection is made via the RS-232 serial channel.



  • 2 ports for receiving events from transmitters
  • 1 Repeater Communication Port
  • 8192 Objects Capacity
  • 1000 memory events
  • RSSI
  • Connect to a PC via a serial or USB port
  • Two-way connection to the LRR 8000 Repeater, via RADIAL protocol
  • Metal box

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LRR8000 - Declaration of conformity
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