SensoIRIS WSOU IS is аn addressable Wall Mount Sounder with built-in isolator module, designed for installation in addressable fire alarm systems supporting TTE communication protocol.

The device is powered on from the panel and can be controlled via the communication protocol. SensoIRIS WSOU IS is compatible with fire bases B124 for ceiling or wall mounting and WSB IP65 for wall mounting.

SensoIRIS WSOU IS is now LPCB certified according to standard EN54-3 and EN54-17!

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  • Selectable sound level – LOW (75-88dB)* and HIGH (80-98dB)*
  • 32 sound types selectable from the panel
  • Piezo sounder
  • Loop synchronization
  • Loop powered
  • Plastic case
  • EN54-3 and EN54-17 certified


*Depends on the selected sound type. The main tone type is 27 – the detailed description of the tone types is presented in the installation manual.

Operating Voltage Range 16 – 32VDC (Nom. 27VDC)
Nominal consumption (stand-by) <500μА@27VDC
Wire Gauge for terminals 2.5mm²
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Protection IP21C (mounted on B124)
IP65 (mounted on WSB IP65)
Weight 183g
Dimensions (without base) 116x55mm

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SensoIRIS WSOU IS - EN 54 Certificate EVPU
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SensoIRIS WSOU IS-R - Declaration of Conformity
Güncelleme tarihi 04.10.2022 Boyut 0.33MB
SensoIRIS WSOU IS-R - Declaration of Performance
Güncelleme tarihi 04.10.2022 Boyut 0.99MB
SensoIRIS WSOU IS - Certificate LPCB
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Technical Documentation

SensoIRIS WSOU IS-R - Manual
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